Top Airlines with Student Discount

Top Airlines with Student Discount

Air tickets are costly, so many airlines offer students discounts to lower flight rates. This offer allows you to save a large amount of money and have a smooth journey. There are cheap flights and promo codes to travel to your desired destination. However, a person is required to meet the whole eligibility criteria to get the discounted fares. Find out the airlines with student discount. Check the list shared below: 

Here is the list of airlines that provide student discounts:

Scroll down to buy a seat at cheaper rates using the airline's offers for graduates or undergraduates to support their education. 

American Airlines 

American Airlines is another airline known for present special deals. Student discounts are provided to travelers via the airline's frequent flyer program. Being a member of AAdvantage, you must share the necessary details, such as school or university details apart from student ID cards, to avail of the services. Additionally, a person needs to be a student in the college. 

The airline gives special deals if a group reservation is made, so a group of 10 people can reserve a seat in advance if the flight is booked 10 months in advance. 

Dial 800-433-7300 for further details.

Delta Airlines

For international flights, Delta student discount joined hands with Virgin Atlantic flights offering many opportunities to book flights at cheaper rates among Manchester, London, the United States, and Edinburgh. 

Based on the data, Delta has provided 40 round-trip flights from North America to the United Kingdom a day after collaborating with Virgin. Moreover, the airline has united with Alitalia and Air France-KLM to offer the biggest transatlantic network. 

Dial 00 1 800-212-1212 for further details

United Airlines

Top airlines with student discount are mentioned, and United Airlines isn't named in the list is not possible. The airline has around 9 hubs in San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Tokyo, Denver, Washington, Guam, DC, and Newark. Students can buy a ticket for domestic and international destinations. To save a big amount, you can book the flight in advance at least 11 months before the flight schedule. 

United Airlines also have a special program like American Airlines, GroupPlus Program, which allows group booking at huge discounts. 

Dial 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) for further details.


A German-based carrier, provides long-haul flights provide special deals for students. The eligibility criteria are different from other airlines. A traveler must be between 12-25 years and a student of a college or University to be entitled to the discount program of the airline.  

The services are offered to more than 465 destinations worldwide for lower airfares. Even the discounts proposed by the carrier airlines are lower when compared to other online portals. You can quickly check the fares online using the official website.

Dial 1800 102 5838 for further details 

Southwest Airlines

The airline doesn't have a specific program for special discounts for students. However, you can save considerable money on ticket prices when traveling to your home destination. Select the Southwest Flights. The airline connects domestic destinations to numerous US universities/ colleges. 

Another benefit is you don't have to pay fees or change the flight for the group reservation. More than 10 seats can be booked in a group to get cheap deals. 

Dial 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) for further details.

Turkish Airlines

For International airlines for students customized offers, you can book a flight to avail of the student discount to have a safe journey to reach your near and dear ones. Simply join the Miles&Smiles memberships beneficial for international and national flights. The advantage of the discount is you can get the 50% off on domestic flights and 10 to 20% off on international one-way flights. Apart from this, flyers can earn the extra mile up to 25% more and can be used later to book the flight at low prices than the actual ticket price.  

Dial 080005 01565 for further details.

Tips to get a discount on flights

Students are young travelers who might be unable to afford frequent flights, but they must travel to their hometowns for unavoidable reasons. Flyers can use the instructions to book International airlines for students. Check the leading airlines providing special discounts to young and students flyers. 

  • Student coupons and promo codes can be used to get a discount on tickets. 
  • Passengers should check the airline and airline alliance policies that permit special student offers prior to making a reservation to their desired destination. 
  • Loyal flyers can join the eligible program because special deals and discounts are shared for students with Miles and membership programs by different airlines. This way, flyers can get the best value for travel deals. 

Are there any specific terms and conditions for booking the flight?

Airlines have different guidelines for student discount fares. Generally, flyers who are 12 years or above need to provide a valid ID card issued by the university or school while checking in at the airport. In case you have any issues, contact customer support. Check International airlines for student discounts. 

How to book a student discount flight? 

To take advantage of the given services shared by the airline, so by following these steps:

  • Visit the website. 
  • Login to your passenger's account.
  • You must have selected the Student Status to get the benefit.
  • Search the flight by entering the date, destination, and number of tickets. 
  • Select the search button. 

Suppose you have any issues, check the website or contact customer support for more information. You can also follow the social platforms to know more about the deals. 

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