10 best international budget airlines in 2023

10 best international budget airlines in 2023

There was once a time when air travel was considered to be a luxury, but not in 2023. Multiple factors make an airline an excellent choice. The quality of the customer service, the comfort level on the flight, ticket price and deals, meals on board, the performance of the airline in regards to punctuality, and the inflight entertainment are the most important parameters that can be measured to find out if an airline is a good choice for you. When judging an airline for the top 10 international budget airlines, the qualities that make it a great choice, you may want to look for factors that may take the airline out of the list of being the best airline. Low standards of safety and security, cleanliness, and inflexibility with a booking may be deal breakers when it comes to considering traveling with an airline. You can go through the comparisons below to decide whether you agree with the list below for the 10 best international budget airlines in 2023.


Phone number - +44 (0) 330 5515151 

Official website - easyjet.com

EasyJet is a British multinational low-cost airline that operates domestic and international scheduled services on more than 1000 routes in 34 countries. In terms of comfort, the airline's seats provide ample leg space to the passengers. The airline is most popular for offering flights at a deal where you can get a ticket at a price of less than 50$. The baggage allowance at EasyJet is less restrictive, and you will have less hassles at the airport if you are flying with the airline.


Phone number - +44 1279 358438

Official website - ryanair.com

Established in 1984, RyanAir is an Irish low-cost airline that serves more than 200 destinations across 32 countries. The airline has a mixed fleet of aircraft. The airline has a reputation for providing flight tickets at a cheaper price. Most air travelers are looking to save money on flight fares, and thus, the airline has become the number one choice to travel with. 


Phone number - 1 (800) 538-2583

Official website - jetblue.com

Jetblue is a low-cost airline in the United States headquartered in the Long Island City neighborhood of New York City and serves more than 100 destinations. Along with tickets at an affordable cost, the airline also offers a variety of free snacks, inflight entertainment, TV, movies, and extra legroom, which makes it one of the best budget airlines in 2023.


Phone number - 1-800-435-9792

Official website - southwest.com

Southwest is the world's largest low-cost carrier and offers 121 destinations in the United States, along with ten different countries. The airline is always on time, and the customers do not have to worry about being late. The staff is warm and polite. You will get excellent customer service, and in terms of safety, the airline maintains a high standard. The airline's operations are flawless, which makes the customer's experience as comfortable as it can get.


Phone number -  1 (800) 357-4159

Official website - norwegian.com

Norwegian Airlines is a low-cost Scandinavian airline that has 150 destinations.

This airline has multiple awards under its belt for providing comfort and affordable flights to passengers. The airline offers free wifi and inflight entertainment through overhead screens. You can get food and beverage onboard and check-in baggage at an additional cost.


Phone number - 1 (888) 937-8538

Official website - westjet.com

WestJet is the second largest Canadian airline and offers 100 destinations to passengers.

Apart from offering flight tickets at a low cost, the airline also provides inflight entertainment, free wi fi, and a variety of options to choose from to purchase onboard the aircraft. 

Alaska airlines: 

Phone number -1 (800) 252-7522

Official website - alaskaair.com

Alaska Airlines is an American low-cost airline that has been in operation for more than a decade. The airline has spacious aircraft and first-class seating available. The fleet size is 289, and it is the fifth-largest airline in North America. The reputation of the airline makes it one of the best airlines in 2023.


Phone number - 1 (866) 397-8170

Official website - jetstar.com

Jetstar is an Australian international budget airline that provides the option to choose from 38 amazing destinations. The airline offers food and beverage options that can be purchased in flight; you can get inflight entertainment. The airline provides a gateway to passengers to East Asia, Oceania, and all across Australia.


Phone number - 1 (800) 223-5500

Official website - icelandair.com

Icelandair is the flag carrier of Iceland and serves 53 destinations. The airline provides tickets for three different classes. The airline provides comfort and affordable flight tickets, and the destinations are popular among the passengers.

Air Asia:  

Phone number - +862066618855

Official website - airasia.com

Air Asia is a Malaysian international budget airline that serves 165 destinations across 25 countries around the globe. Customer service is top-notch, and the airline offers excellent products to buy on board. The seats are spacious, and the airline is on time, making it a number one choice for travelers.

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