Can I bring my pet on Air Canada?

Can I bring my pet on Air Canada?

A person who needs to fly to another city along with a pet and is considering reserving a seat on Air Canada must be worried about whether a pet is allowed on the flight. Air Canada allows passengers to fly with their pets, but some conditions apply to it. You must consider the pet policies for bringing a pet on the flight and add it to your reservation a few hours before the scheduled boarding time. Below you will obtain all the information that you need to know for flying with a pet on an Air Canada flight. 

Pet Travel Policy of Air Canada

When you travel with a pet, there are some policies that you need to consider. The Air Canada Pet Travel Policy has mentioned different categories:

In-Cabin Pet Policy

Small dogs and cats are considered In-Cabin pets, and they should be kept underneath your front seat on the flight. The policies which you should consider to take your pet into the plane along with you are:

  • The pet should be small enough to be able to move under the seat.

  • The pet should be 12 weeks old to bring on the flight.

  • The pet will be put in a closed carrier of a maximum size of 23*40*55 cm.

  • No other carry-on will be allowed as the pet carrier is considered carry-on baggage. 

  • To bring an in-cabin pet, you need to contact the customer service team 24 hours prior to your flight. 

  • The charges for the in-cabin pet are $50 CAD/USD for the flights within Canada and US, and for international flights, pet charges are $100 CAD/USD.

In the Baggage Compartment Pet Policy

The pets that are big enough and cannot be kept under the seat on the flight are transported by Air Canada in the baggage compartment comfortably and safely. The policy for the checked baggage pet or baggage compartment pet policy is as follows:

  • The pet carrier size limit is up to 292 cm.

  • The checked baggage pet should not exceed 45 kg of weight.

  • Within Canada and the US, flight charges for checked baggage are between $105 to $120.75 CAD/USD.

  • Air Canada international flights charge $270 to $318.60 CAD/USD for the baggage compartment pets. 

  • Flights scheduled from or to Hawaii do not permit baggage compartment pets. 

So these are all the pet travel policies that you need to consider when you want to fly with your pet on an Air Canada flight. If you require more details on the same, you can immediately reach out to Air Canada customer service, and the assigned official will provide you the detailed info and solve your query to bring a pet on the flight. 

Procedure for adding your pet to Air Canada reservation 

To bring a pet to the flight, it is important that you add the pet to your reservation at least 24 hours before the flying time. There are two methods by which the pet can be added to your already booked flight ticket.

Online Method

Complete your flight bookings on the Air Canada website and then follow these steps:

  • Open your booked flight details on the page,

  • Then look for the “Add a Travel Pet” option,

  • Select the required category on the pet form,

  • You need to put the details of your pet,

  • Add the size and the measurements of your pet,

  • Then make payment for adding the pet to your reservation,

  • Your pet on the Air Canada flight will be successfully added. 

Offline Method

You can contact the reservation center of Air Canada to add the pet to your bookings. For this, you need to use the Air Canada Phone Number 000-800-040-1885 and connect with a live person. Make your request for adding the pet to your flight and give all the required information to the connected person. Then you will have to pay the charges, and you will be allowed to bring your pet along with you to another city. 

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