How do I reserve a seat on Copa?

How do I reserve a seat on Copa?

Traveling on an airline with the preferred seats is a dream come true for all first-time travelers. If you are taking a trip for the first time and would like to make an advance seat booking on Copa Airlines, then this article will be really helpful for you. You can go through the various types of methods along with the steps to know how you can reserve your seats in advance.

The seat reservation methods on Copa airlines

Using the online method:

After booking your tickets on Copa airlines, if you also want to reserve your seats. You can do it with simple steps. Go through the points given below to see the advance seat booking process on Copa Airlines.

  • First things first you must go to the official page of Copa Airlines.

  • On the main page, click on the “My trips” option.

  • Enter the passenger's last name and then the booking reference number.

  • On the next page, the flight details will be displaced.

  • Click on the seat selection option.

  • The seat map with available seats will be visible.

  • Select the seats and process to the next step.

    • You may or may not require to pay the seat selection fee.

    • The seat selection changes may vary depending on the type of your flight tickets.

  • After the seat selection process is completed, you will receive the update of your tickets in your email address.

Using the contact number:

If you like to make a seat selection in advance, you can also contact the customer service of the airline to check the available seats to make a reservation. Here are the important Copa Airlines Contact numbers you need to save before you travel with Copa airlines.

  • You can call the customer service of Copa Airlines at 1 786 840 2672.

  • Dial the number; you will hear the pre-recorded instructions.

  • Press the numbers accordingly to connect with the airline's representative.

  • Once you are connected, you will ask about the seat selection process.

  • The support team will guide you regarding the process.

  • Once the changes have been made, you will receive the notification to your email address.

During check-in:

You can also select the seats during the check-in. You need to use the web check-in to select your preferred seats on the airlines. You can use the steps that are given below to see how you can use the web check-in option for your seat selection.

  • Head to the official page of Copa Airlines.

  • Click on the web check-in option on the panel.

  • Enter the passenger's last name and the booking reference code.

  • After the check-in, you will be derived to the seat selection page.

  • You can see the available seats. Select the seat of your choice, and you are done.

  • Once the process is done, you will receive the updated tickets to your email address.

Using the kiosk machine:

If you do not wish to make an advance seat booking, you can also use the kiosk to get to your seats. You can select your seats for free; the only disadvantage is that you can only choose from the available seats, and you may not be able to get your preferred seat.

  • At the airport, locate the kiosk machine assigned for Copa Airlines.

  • Type the PNR number and proceed.

  • Now you can select the seats from the available seats.

  • Add the number of bags for the bag tags.

  • You will get your printed boarding pass and the bag tags.

What happens if you do not select your seats?

If you do not make seat assignment Copa airlines, you don't have to worry. The airlines will assign you seats at the time of check-in. You can check in at the counter and enquire about the seats.


You can use the above methods to choose your seats on Copa Airlines. For any donuts regarding the seat arrangements, call the service support of Copa Airlines.

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