How do I reschedule my flight with Copa?

How do I reschedule my flight with Copa?

With the booking you have made on Copa Airlines, if you cannot travel due to some emergency, then you can make the changes to the same. Changes and rescheduling are not very pleasant to both customers and the airline as it again needs to revise the itinerary and other related details. But, Copa Airlines provides a customer-friendly and hassle-free process to make the required changes. In order to get the details of the same, you can go through the details below and learn about the process, policy, and other required information from the content below. 

What is Copa Airlines Flight change policy? 

The flight reschedule policy on Copa Airlines is one of the most basics that you must go through so that you can make the bookings accordingly with the airline. The policy includes the given guidelines: 

  •  If you have a booking with the airline seven days before the departure time, then you can go through to make the changes within 24 hours of the purchase. 

  • If you make changes after the risk-free time, you must get to pay the change fee. 

  • Only with selected tickets same days changes are allowed. But route change is not allowed with this process. 

  • If the booking is a business class or a premium class booking, you can make the changes anytime. 

  • If the airline cancels the booking, you can make the changes without an extra fee.

  • If there is any medical emergency and you are making any changes, then you can go through the process by producing relevant documents. This will help in saving a change fee.  

How can I reschedule my Copa Flight online? 

To make the changes to your reservation on Copa Airlines, you will have to go through the online process of the Copa Airlines flight reschedule. The given below steps will help you with the online procedure of making changes to the booking: 

  • Navigate to Copa Airlines’ official website, 

  • Tap on the manage booking option. 

  • Salvage the made booking with the help of the itinerary of the booking details. 

  • From the booking summary page, go to the menu icon list and choose the change option. 

  • Tap on the date change option from the drop-down. 

  • You will get the form where you can make the changes. 

  • Make the required payment with the help of on-screen instructions. 

  • After a successful payment, you can then get the confirmation to your registered email address along with the ticket with the changed details attached to the mail. 

How to reschedule a flight through the offline method? 

Other than proceeding to make changes through the online process, you can also get through with them by making a call and connecting with an agent on Copa Airlines. You can find their contact number by following the given steps. 

  • On the airline’s official website, click the call center option from the Information tab. 

  • This will forward you to the Customer service page. 

  • You will get the number 1 786 840 COPA (2672). 

  • Dial the same and then follow IVR to contact the executive for help. 

What is the flight change fee of Copa Airlines? 

Are you wondering about the flight change cost on Copa Airlines, and you cannot find it? Then, you are right here to find the related information. The given points below shall help you with the cost for the same: 

  • For a non-refundable reservation or the tickets which you change after the grace period, the minimum fee you need to pay is $75. 

  • The flight ticket cost for change depends mostly on the date you have chosen new to fly, the travel route, the travel class, etc. 


Hopefully, the given details in the content have helped you best with the process you seek. If you wish to get other services related to the change process help, you can either contact the airline or go through the airline’s website. 

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