LATAM Airlines Manage your Booking

LATAM Airlines Manage your Booking

One of the largest airlines, Latam Airlines, lets their passengers a bunch of things over their website. You must know about LATAM Airlines Manage Booking. Latam Airlines provides some handy features over there. It will help if you read this article to learn about Latam Airlines' 'manage booking' policy and features. 

What services can you avail of from Manage booking in Latam Airlines?

There are a whole lot of features and services you can avail of through the Manage Booking option. Things like cancelation, changing destination, rescheduling flight, changing the cabin, upgrading your seat, adding another service, etc., and many more things you can do from the comfort of your home. Go through the following points to get an idea of what you can do with the 'manage booking' option.

Cancel booking: With the manage booking option, you can cancel your booking anytime before the flight's departure. You can visit Latam Airlines' official website, open manage booking, enter details and choose to cancel.

Request a refund: If you fall under Latam Airlines' Refund policy, you can ask them for a refund after you cancel the ticket through manage to book. You can follow the same process to cancel the booking mentioned above.

Upgrade your seat:  you can upgrade your seat and cabin if you want to via manage to book. You can go to the manage booking option and then choose to upgrade your seat.

Class upgrade: you can shift from economy class to business class via manage booking.

Changing Meal preferences: If you want to upgrade or change meal patterns according to you, you can do it through the Manage booking option.

Rescheduling your journey: A sudden change, and if you have to change your journey date, you can reschedule your trip via the Manage Booking Option. After filling out the details, you must change the journey date in the manage booking option.

Managing baggage:  You can add or remove baggage if you need to through the Latam Airlines manage to book.

Latam credit and premium passes:  Latam credit and their premium passes offer some exclusive features which regular passengers do not get. You can enroll these passes and credit them to the manage booking option.

Adding Extra services:  You can also add services like hotel booking, car rental services, etc., which are a partner of Latam Airlines. Also, you have to bear an additional fee to avail; of those services. 

Lounge services:  You can use lounge services with Latam Airlines. Add Lounge services in the Manage booking option. 

How to use the Manage booking option?

You are already aware of services available through Manage Booking options. Go through the following steps if you want to use the manage booking option:

  • Go to Latam Airlines' official website.
  • After opening the homepage, look for the 'Manage trips' option.
  • Click on that, and the 'manage to book' section will open.
  • You can log in through two options on the 'manage booking' option.
  • You can choose 'request via email and enter the registered email id to proceed further.
  • Or you can select trip details and enter the booking no. and the last name to proceed further.
  • Your browser will open a new page, and you can choose the services you want.

These were all about LATAM Airlines Manage Booking services and how to go to the manage booking option. Call their customer service helpline on 00 56 2 2687 2400 or ​​1 802 538 7022  to learn more about Latam Airlines Manage booking.

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