How do I cancel my flight on LATAM Airlines?

How do I cancel my flight on LATAM Airlines?

Most passengers face challenges when they want to cancel a flight; many don't know the process of canceling the ticket or the Latam airlines policy. Please read the article, and there are all the answers to every possible question.

There are various ways to cancel the reservation on LATAM Airlines:

Using my trips: This is the airline's facility on their official website. So that the passengers can cancel Latam airlines' flights online anytime they want to in case of emergency or change of mind. If you are facing difficulty while canceling your ticket, please follow the steps:

  • Visit Aerolíneas Latam Airline’s site.
  • There will be the option of my trips. Click on that
  • Enter all the required details, like the passenger's last name and reservation number. Click on proceed.
  • After proceeding, you will see the ticket you have booked.
  • There will be the option to cancel. Click on that. Then the airlines will ask you to confirm the cancellation. Confirm to proceed.
  • After confirming, your reservation has been canceled. Cancellation's refund will receive the refund on the registered account details.

Steps to cancel your reservation via phone: A phone call is a sound approach to cancel your reservation in an orderly manner. One can cancel the ticket by calling the customer care number of the airline. IVR will lead the call. Passengers must press the correct digit with your mobile device, which suits them the best, and a live representative will shortly join to assist them. For instance, if you are calling from Chile, you can make a call on 600 526 2000.

  • Dial Latam airlines 00 56 2 2687 2400 or ​​1 802 538 7022 and select your language.
  • Dial 1 for booking flight tickets.
  • Dial 2 for flight status.
  • Dial 3 for re-scheduling.
  • Dial 4 for a refund.
  • Dial # to connect to a live person at Latam Airlines. 

What is LATAM Airlines' cancellation policy? 

Before canceling your reservation, there are different LATAM Airlines Cancellation Policy and the cost applied on cancellation. You should know more about Latam Airlines' cancellation policy.

  • A small portion of the amount will be deducted if the ticket was purchased from outside or by an agent. But no charge will be taken if cancellation was due to inclement weather.
  • The customer will charge a cancellation fee if the cancellation is made after 24 hours of ticket purchase. Charges may vary according to Latam Airlines' assessment of the ticket.
  • If there are any medical concerns, the cancellation charge can be waived off, but you must submit relevant medical documents to support your argument for this benefit.
  • No cancellation fee will be charged when your flight gets delayed by 2 hours. 
  • There is a policy of Latam airlines where the passenger cancels within 24 Hours of booking at Latam airlines, and no cancellation fees are applicable regardless of which class they have reserved. They will get the total amount refunded on their registered account details.
  • In today's time, where COVID is present, airline has modified their canceling policies for their customers. Unfortunately, if a passenger catches the virus, they can cancel the reservation anytime they wish without paying any cancellation fees.
  • If any airline crew member catches COVID, passengers are eligible to cancel the flight if they wish to.

Bottom line:

The above article explains the best ways to contact Latam airlines to cancel your reservation and LATAM Airlines Cancellation Policy so that passengers can cancel their flight ticket without paying any cancellation fee to Latam Airlines.

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