How much does it cost to change a flight date with KLM?

How much does it cost to change a flight date with KLM?

KLM is a leading airline and a preferred choice of passengers for its top-class in-flight services and qualified staff. They are operating around the world from the Netherlands. Suppose you booked a flight for one of their offered destinations, and your plan changed in the middle. You might want to cancel your ticket and book a fresh ticket for an alternative date. But if you are flying with KLM, you do not need to cancel your ticket; you can change the date by paying a nominal fee to the airline. You can enlighten yourself about the date change information from this article.

What is the cost of changing the date in KLM?

Sometimes, there is a change in your ongoing plan, so you have to change your flight date. You can make the necessary changes; the cost will depend on the time you make the changes and the cabin class. The cost of your new booking may be higher if you have to pay the fare difference. However, they will give you a voucher if your ticket is cheaper than before of the remaining amount. 

Read below to know the cost of the date change as per your ticket type:

  • Light Ticket- While making a reservation, if you booked for an Economy class. You can make the necessary changes at a cost of EUR 200.

  • Standard Ticket- If you opt for a standard ticket, you can change your journey date for free.

  • Flex Ticket- The Airline will not charge you any amount for changing the date from the passengers if they booked a flex ticket.

What are the policies for changing the date in KLM?

The passengers are allowed to change their travel dates after making the reservation as per the airlines' guidelines. To know the KLM flight Change policy, read the points below.

  • The Airline will only permit you to change the date if any alternative flight is available to them on the given day.

  • Once the passenger crosses the check-in process, making any changes to the ticket is impossible.

  • The passengers have to inform at least 48 hours before the departure of the flight.

  • There may be a fare difference when a passenger changes their journey date. They need to pay this fare difference. However, if the price is lower than earlier, they will receive a voucher for the remaining amount. 

How do I make changes on call?

The passengers can ask the supervisor of the airline to make the required changes to the ticket over a phone call. For this, dial the KLM phone number 1 800 618-0104 and follow the auto-generated menu on the call to identify your issue.

  • Press the key as described in the IVR to change the date.

  • Follow the on-call instructions to make the changes.

  • Make the payment if they ask, and you have successfully changed your flight date for your journey.

  • Get the details of your new booking on your registered email id.  

What is the process for changing the date in KLM?

The Airline has briefly defined its process to change the date of the journey. Travelers can change the date of their journey by following the steps given below:

  • Visit the Hompage of KLM Airlines.

  • Click on "manage my booking."

  • Fill in the booking itinerary with the reference number and last name and get the booking details.

  • Click on the menu and select the date change option. 

  • Make the necessary changes in your journey and click on continue.

  • You may have to make payment for the change you asked for from the airline.

  • Make the payment and get the new ticket with the changes on your registered email id.

Bottom Line

This article will inform all the necessary information about changing the date. If you want to discuss it briefly, Contact KLM Airlines representative by visiting their official site for more information. 

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