How much is spirit airlines carry on the fee?

How much is spirit airlines carry on the fee?

Whenever you plan a travel with Spirit Airlines for a long vacation, you might get into trouble with the luggage-carrying policies. Therefore, if this is your concern, then you will have to use the following section details because from here you can learn about the best criteria; in addition, you can also know about Spirit Airlines baggage fees because different baggage type differs for the check-in cost and to learn about it read the following list points for your reference.

List of points regarding Spirit Airline baggage types:

  • Carry-on bag at booking - $37
  • During Online check-in - $47
  • At the airport ticket counter - $55
  • Then at the Airport gate - $65

Thus, as mentioned above, these points are in reference to Spirit Airlines, baggage fees for carry-on and checked baggage; for further guidance, go by the next section and descriptively retrieve more details.

Mention baggage charges category-wise: 

  • Carry-on bag fees -$37
  • 1st Checked bag - $36 –Airport $50
  • 2nd Checked bag - $46 – Airport $60
  • 3rd-5th checked bag - $91 Airport - $100
  • Excess bag fees - $85
  • Overweight baggage fees (18-23 kilograms)- $30
  • For oversize baggage - $100.

Mention excess baggage charges according to weight

To conclude with further information, which is in regards to Spirit Airline's Baggage Policy for excess baggage and the charges payable then, you are required to read this section, and you will appropriately accumulate perfect guidance.

  • 18-23 kg – $35
  • 23-32 kg – $60
  • 32-45 kg – $100
  • 158-203 cm – $100
  • 203 cm - $150 plus.

Therefore, once you read the complete section for the excess bags, you might have concluded the best information for Spirit Airlines baggage fees, and for further details, you have access to read the baggage policy terms and condition section for accurate information.

How to contact Spirit Airlines customer services?

Suppose you seek more guidance in reference to the Baggage policy at Spirit Airlines, then you are required to communicate directly with the Spirit customer service team in several modes because, after that, you will be able to get guidance quite correctly.

Contact Spirit Airlines by Phone

The primary option traveler can select is the Spirit Airlines Customer Service phone number. This option is relatively fast and helps you connect quickly with the live representative by phone service.

  • Dial the helpline number for Spirit Airlines 1-855-728-3555
  • After which you need to select your preferred language 
  • Then follow different voicemail instructions 
  • You will have to choose the option for transferring the calls to connect with a live assistant
  • Wait for 4-5 minutes and call patches with the assistant 
  • In the end, discuss your baggage regarding queries and receive instant help.

Various other modes to contact Spirit Airlines customer services

If you need to connect with the customer care help desk through Spirit Airlines Customer service modes, you have to read the following section to conclude the best communication facilities.Choose online chat: Further call option chat feature is also quite helpful for knowing Baggage Costs, direct from Spirit Airlines virtual assistant and for this option, you have to read the following steps and connect with a virtual agent over chat.

  • Visit the contact us page of Spirit Airlines 
  • Now, select the chat icon, and then you might have to log in to the account 
  • Next, choose the text field and enter the message for your questions 
  • Further, you get an immediate response from the concerned virtual assistant 
  • You must note that a chat option is available 24/7, and a virtual assistant will answer all queries.

Follow Spirit Airlines social networks

You can follow Spirit Airlines social networks like Facebook and Twitter, as these are the best ways to connect with customer service at Spirit Airlines and receive assistance as these modes work quite fast and relevantly because every update regarding the baggage will get updated over the social networks too.

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