What is the Baggage Policy and Charges at British Airways?

What is the baggage policy on British Airways?

With British Airways booking, you possess if you are havings bags for the trip; you must go through the given british airways baggage policy for the booking so that you can travel easily without any hassle. The guidelines of the baggage policy are as follows: 

  • For an economy ticket, only one bag is allowed. A basic economy ticket doesn't include a free bag. Premium economy and business class tickets are allowed 2 checked bags and a first-class booking can possess 3 checked bags. Each of these must weigh up to 32 bags. 
  • One handbag, one cabin bag, and one personal item per passenger are allowed. 
  • Sports items and musical instruments are included in the personal item. 

The bags you carry as checked bags must weigh 23 kg and be within the size of 35X30X17 inches, and cabin, luggage must be within 23 kg and be within the size of 22X18X10 inches.

How do I contact British Airways customer service?

There are multiple ways through which you can contact the airline and then find a solution for the issue you have. The different ways to get through British Airways are as follows:

  • Phone Call- You can get to go through the airline via call by making a call at their official number. From the help page of the website, find the number and dial the same 1 (800) 247-9297. Upon getting connected, you can avail of the help you want. 
  • Live Chat- You can also get help from the customer service of the airline so that an assistance can be availed in real time to help you with the issues you have.

How much are baggage fees?

The standard bags can be carried for free with British Airways. For every extra you are carrying on, the airline shall charge you an extra baggage fee for the extra bag you are carrying. You will have to pay an excess fee. The british airways baggage charges is $100.

What is British Airways' economy baggage allowance?

If the booking you have is in the economy class, then the same has a specified british airways baggage policy economy. The allowance for this shall be within the weight of 23 kg and must fit into the fixed size of up to 35X30X17 inches.

Does British Airways check hand luggage?

Yes, British Airways shall check the hand luggage if the same exceeds the extra limit of the allowed luggage. If the baggage exceeds the allowed weight and size, the airline shall check your hand luggage.

How much can my suitcase weigh on British Airways?

The bags you carry must weigh 23 kg. This is the maximum weight you can carry for your trip with British Airways. With the same weight, just the number shall vary depending on the traveling class of the airline. Chcek the guidelines for the same.


If you still have any doubts about the bags you are traveling with and you want to know what you can carry and what not and about other information. For any issues related to baggage, you can dial 1 (800) 828-8144. Then you can contact them and avail the help, or you can also go through the webpage to find a way out of the issues.