American Airlines Lost Baggage Policy

American Airlines lost Baggage policy

One of the most popular Airlines in the industry, American airlines have one of the best customer service in the industry. Their customer service solves problems like baggage issues, etc. Nearly 7,00,000 bags were missed in a year. If you are flying with American Airlines, and you have lost or baggage is missing you should know about American Airlines Missing Baggage policy. Go through this article if you or someone you know flying with American Airlines, have missed or lost any baggage.

What are the lost baggage policies in American Airlines?

American Airlines has made certain policies to recover the lost baggage and to recover those baggage timely and smoothly. These policies are described below:

  • If you have checked in with your baggage during the ticket booking then you can ask American Airlines, otherwise, you have to ask to Airport Authority.
  • If you can not find your bags then rush to the designated office in the airport, the authority will give you a 13-digit reference number, for your lost baggage. Check the reference no. on the American Airlines website to track your baggage.
  • if items in your baggage is missed or lost then you will get compensation for that.
  • If your baggage is lost and not handed over to you in the next five days, then you may write down fill out Passenger Property Questionnaire, with the 13-character file reference number you received at the airport.
  • Even if you have found the baggage, but the baggage is damaged or lost then you can as for compensation.

How to let American Airlines know about your lost baggage:

If you have lost or your baggage are delayed, then you might want to follow these methods:

Via call: By calling American Airlines customer service number, you can let them know that your baggage is lost or you can not find your baggage. Check the following steps to get their baggage information.

  • Visit American Airlines Official website.
  • Then go to the contact us section.
  • Find the Phone number 1-800-433-7300 or ​​1 802 538 7022
  • Dial the number and listened to the IVR.
  • Press 1 for booking.
  • Press 2 to cancel the booking.
  • Press 3 to know about lost baggage information.
  • Press that and enter your details. Listen carefully to what they are saying to you.
  • You can also press 7 to talk to a customer service representative.

Via live chat: You can also choose live chat to track down your baggage. Follow these steps.

  • Go to the
  • Go to the 'contact us' section.
  • Choose the live chat option, and put the right Query of lost baggage.
  • You will know about the baggage.

Airport: You can also ask the Airport helpdesk about your lost baggage. Go to the helpdesk, and ask the authorized personnel if you can not find your baggage. They will arrange a solution for you.

Complaint Form: You can also use the complaint form with American Airlines. Give them a written application and ask them about your baggage status.

Most people often panic and create a scene when they do not find their baggage. If you are also facing the same situation, then be quiet, follow the methods mentioned above. For more information visit their website, or call their official number.

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